Nikon D3300 vs D5300 Comparison: Key Differences

Nikon D3300 vs D5300 Comparison: Key Differences

The Nikon D3300 and D5300 are quite similar cameras. They look the same and the specifications are quite similar, that’s why you wondering which one should you buy. Statistically most of you are students, new man, new dad, new shooter that’s why this article will give the 5 key differences between these two cameras with real world example.


In terms of body design they are quite similar, they both come in three different colours (black, red and grey) but when we look at the screen the D5300 has a much bigger screen 3.2 inches vs 3.0 inches, 1 million dots vs 900k dots. However the D3300 actually have a bigger view finder .85x vs 8.2x, not a big difference, the real difference is the 360 degree rotational screen of the D5300.

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Autofocus Mode

Here too, their autofocus mode are quite similar: face detection, contrast detect, continuous tracking, multi-area, selective single point, single point, live view. But there is a difference, the D5300 points arrange in a fashion that just happen to cover the whole scene. With the D3300 there is plenty of gap everywhere just like the guy you know its defence, more points more choices either picked by you or if you are letting the camera do the picking and that’s better for tracking the finder movements.

Number of Autofocus points: D5300=39 vs D3300=11


Both of the cameras have Wi-Fi capabilities but not that’s not the whole story. The D5300 comes with built in Wi-Fi while the D3300 needs a wireless adaptor to be inserted to the camera; plus the D5300 has GPS. Basically you can use your smartphone to connect to the camera, take pictures and share your photos instantly on social medias or wherever you like. The D5300 is definitely a more elegantly connected camera for social media savvy people.

Interface and Video

Now both cameras have a graphical user interface but there are differences. Although they the same filters, the D3300 has “Easy panorama” mode, easy by name but not as easy as your smartphone panorama feature. You can definitely get good panorama pictures with your phone but they wont look as good as the D3300 ones. The D5300 doesn’t come with this feature.

In terms of video performance they both offer the same frame rates and the same 1080p. The only difference is that the Nikon D5300 has a built-in stereo mic while the Nikon D3300 only have a mono mic.

Nikon D3300

Nikon D3300


They look quite similar, feel similar and shoot quite similar. There are subtle differences that set them apart slightly. The D3300 is a stripped down good enough photos and videos version, it’s for those people who don’t care about having that slight ability or all integrated Wi-Fi capability. The D5300 is just a bit a step further into the photography enthusiast side so you probably know if those little extra capabilities are worth the extra cash.

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